We are on TV

2020-08-18 09:26:55

It is a very exciting yet nervous moment for us as Light House Foundation is now expanding into media. We are extremely thankful and proud of the help behind making this moment a reality. 

Light House Foundation's Documentary will be showcased on Nepali TV this Sunday from...

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Teej 2017

2020-08-18 09:27:29

The name Teej originated from an insect called "Teej" that comes out of the soil during rainy season. it is said that due to the color of the insect which is red, Teej is also celebrated in red. 

Teej is the most famous festival among Nepali women. the folk...

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2020-08-18 09:28:05

Light's house has always taken interest in games and extra curricular activities for the children as well as connecting, being responsive and co-operative towards other NGO's around Nepal. We as well as the children are excited about this league game which will take place in the biggest stadium in Kathmandu,...

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SEE congratulation ceremony

2020-08-18 09:26:16

This is the first Batch of students who gave the SEE exams this year with no one getting below 60%. Light's house organised a congratulation program to encourage and motivate the Students of Light's house care home. There were certificates given too to remind them of their success and to...

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