Teej 2017

The name Teej originated from an insect called "Teej" that comes out of the soil during rainy season. it is said that due to the color of the insect which is red, Teej is also celebrated in red. 

Teej is the most famous festival among Nepali women. the folk music and dances add more flavor to the traditional values of Teej. It is a series of festivals that occur during the hindu month of Shravana( Sawan)  and Bhadrapada (Bhado), that corresponds to the Nepali monsoon season of July-August-September. Teej is observed for marital happiness, well-being of children and purification of own body and soul. it is facinating to see the children in Red dancing and singing in the stage, enjoying with smiles on their faces. 

On 20th August 2017, Light's house foundation organised teej program for the children of Light's house care homes. Around 600 children joined in this program and 200 guests along with the staffs and members of Light's house. 

We had invited the Mayor and Deputy Mayor of our region, Gokarneshwor. Some of the known social workers, government officials, LHFN members and staffs were all present for the program. It was a great time to forget about school and enjoy the day with dancing and singing. 

We served them with the traditional food of this festival which is Kheer, a rice pudding, made by boiling rice, broken wheat, tapioca or vermicelli with milk and sugar, it is flavored with cardamom, raisins, saffron, cashews or almonds. 

We had a great time and the children too had a great time dancing and singing even for a day out of their busy school schedules. They are always looking forward to festivals like this to have fun and enjoy life to the fullest in which ever way possible. 

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