Light's house has always taken interest in games and extra curricular activities for the children as well as connecting, being responsive and co-operative towards other NGO's around Nepal. We as well as the children are excited about this league game which will take place in the biggest stadium in Kathmandu, Dasarath Rangasala Stadium and its not only about winning the trophy but the best players will be selected to represent Nepal in U-16 street children World cup tournament in Russia in 2018.

We are motivating and providing training to our children who are going to represent Light's house organisation in this league. Day and night the children are working hard and giving their best to be a good and fair player. this is a once in a life time opportunity for the children. There are some players who want to seriously consider their career in soccer and this can be their chance to show how talented and engaged they are towards soccer.

We have provided them with jerseys (kits), boots (cleats), socks, healthy foods. They are running in the morning and training in the evening everyday of the week. They are determined to win this tournament, if not, they surely want to leave a good and strong impression of Light's House Organisation.

We will be playing 7 a side game. We have 9 players with us, 7 starters with 2 substitutions. There will be around 10 - 15 other NGO's from all around Nepal competing in this league game.We hope that one of our boys will get selected and get the chance to play in Russia. We are continuously motivating and supporting the 9 players who will be playing in the National level and we hope they come back victorious. 

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