SEE congratulation ceremony

This is the first Batch of students who gave the SEE exams this year with no one getting below 60%. Light's house organised a congratulation program to encourage and motivate the Students of Light's house care home. There were certificates given too to remind them of their success and to inspire them to achieve big in the future and become reliable citizens of Nepal. 

Bhawana Badi  was born in 1998 June 24 in Surkhet and wants to become an Anchor and also wants to study Hotel Management. It is a 2 years course costing around Rs. 1,00,000 approx. She has been living in LHFN for eight years. She came to study here as Kathmandu has very good education system. She has two younger sisters who are also staying and studying in LHFN. She wants to become the next generation Anchor. She wants to come on Television and open her own TV program. She wants to show the life of badi community in TV so people can see the reality of their lives. She wants to eradicate the assumption shown on the Badi people of being untouchables. She also wants to introduce the social media to her community and inspire many people as possible to know the lives of the Badi people who are living their lives as an outcast in the society. She wants to show the world that an outcast can become anyone in the society. She passed her SEE with 60% in her result. 

Yabesh Gurung born on 2000 Nov 30 in Kathmandu and wants to be an engineer and to complete the course he would need 1,75,000 for two years (rest he got scholarship from the school)
"It is a very excited moment of my life. It has already been five years that I have been living in LHFN hostel. Now it's time to repay LHFN's contribution in my life to build my character and my career. Due to our poor economic condition I was unable to get a quality education. But LHFN has played a significant role to fulfill my dream. I am the first batch student of CCS school, I am very excited as well.  I'm thankful for having encouraging and hard working teachers without whom it is impossible to reach upto this level. I am sure that we will do the best and be one of the best batches of the school and support our foundation after being an engineer."

Suman Sigdel was bron on 2002/3/12 in Itahari 4, Sunsari and the cost to complete his course of studying Automobiles is 2 lakhs approx. The course is for 3 years. "I have 8 family members in the family. I always had a family problem. My father was an alcoholic and always used to create problem in the house. My mother also was very sick, she was suffering from arthritis and couldn't work. So, we had a great financial problem. My elder brother also got ashtrayed and my sisters got married. On seeing this, my uncle Dinesh brought me to LHFN 10 years ago. I loved this place. I became very happy here. I consider all the members of this place as my own family as I have learned everything from here, and came to learn the culture of my life or say "the art of living". Here, everybody treats each other with love which I love the most and whenever I used to get sick I used to go to the school just to meet everyone of them. Therefore, used to be regular at school. I never got stressed out by the thoughts of career and exams too. I am and was always full of enthusiasm and always had curiosity over life. Slowly, I passed SEE level too and am very eager about my next step. I want to do engineering in
Automobile. But couldn't do so due to some shortcomings of documentation and distance as well. So, my next move is towards 3 years Diploma course in Madan Bhandari Memorial College at Gothatar." 
He is one of the SEE graduates who studied accounts and got 70.5% in his result. He is really enthusiastic about learning computers. He has already started learning programs and functions related to computers. He wants to be a software developer when he finishes his high school. He is a very dedicated and careful learner and has the confidence to achieve big. Even though he comes from a poor family background, he does not let that stop him from achieving his dream. 

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