Making new history in the Badi community

Outstanding examples of girls who were at risk in vulnerable situations and who have carved out success for themselves

Sangita's Story

My name is Sangita. My father left us and went to India when I was only one month old. My mother married another man and left us when I was very young. I have never experienced what parental love was all about. I was at risk of many things, but...

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A story on a recently rescued 13 years old girl

A mother with four daughters living alone in a slum area in Bardiya was in a critical condition. Her husband left her after he got married with another woman. She had very bad health condition due to stone in her kidney and was also suffering from epilepsy. So, she couldn't...

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Shalomi's Story

I am Shalomi and I am twenty-one years old now. I came to Light House Foundation’ hostel in Surkhet Chhinchu when I was twelve years old. Before I came to the hostel I went through very rough life, which I do not want to remember anymore. My horrible past has...

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Babita's Story

Babita came to LHFN through a preventive rescue program nine years ago when she was ten years old. She is now eighteen years old. She passed her SLC from CCS school and last year she joined Chamunda College. She is a very generous and sincere student at her college. Among...

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Sarmila's Story

Sarmila Lama is 15 years old girls who is staying in LHFN Child care Headuta. Her father beat her mother, becomes  She has been having  which is possibly the result of an accident she witnessed at the age of 10. This started when she witnessed a person getting hit by...

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